Whiter Teeth for Life

Happy New Year!


As we welcome the new year I want to make it something special…for you! Because many of our patients have expressed an interest in having a whiter, brighter smile, I am announcing a new program in our office that will keep your smile whiter for life. That’s right…FOR LIFE!  It is called “Whiter.Brighter. You. for life” and uses the POLA + whitening program.

This privilege, while absolutely free, does require some rules and regulations. You can see the complete details at the office on your next appointment or on our web site page on tooth whitening. You can also go to www.Polawhite.com for more whitening information on the POLA + whitening program.

Basically, any of our dedicated patients who have had their teeth whitened here in our office and who maintain their regular hygiene re-care appointment schedule will receive a complimentary “Pola” touch up whitening syringe of gel for life.

Any questions on whitening techniques or any other oral health issue related, feel free to contact me or the staff at my office, Dr. Laurence Stone in Doylestown, PA. Best wishes for a healthy new year!

Bleachorexia: When to Call it Quits on Teeth Whitening


Bleachorexia, or as I like to call it, bleachomania, is what occurs when someone over-whitens their teeth. I liken it to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), often but not limited to teenagers, where one is continually finding fault with their appearance.

While most of us would like to have a brighter, whiter smile, especially around the holidays, the bleaching process can certainly be overdone. When this occurs the teeth can become irreversibly pinkish-gray, almost translucent at the edges and quite sensitive.

There are many options to achieving a whiter smile including over the counter whitening strips, in-office bleaching, at home bleaching, whitening toothpastes and if all else fails, porcelain laminate veneers. You can find more information at Mouth Healthy, an information website by the American Dental Association or by visiting my website page on teeth whitening.

The most important consideration is that you choose the option right for you. That’s where professional advice is critical. While white strips may be fine for some, I’ve seen so many problems with whitening occur over the years that I would recommend professional supervision with almost any technique.

It’s what folks don’t know that can get them into trouble and potentially ruin that smile that we all want for the holidays!

Any questions on tooth whitening or any other oral health issue, feel free to contact me or the staff at my office, Dr. Laurence Stone in Doylestown, PA with any questions or concerns or to schedule your next visit so we can talk more about this.

Teeth whitening – And may all your Christmases be white!


Many people romanticize about a “white“ Christmas, myself included. The fact is, however, that few people want to see me (their dentist) around the holidays, unless of course they are having a problem! I’ve found though, that most people these days want white teeth, whether for the holidays or anytime throughout the year. So…I thought I would share a few thoughts about getting and keeping those teeth pearly white!

Teeth are actually light shades of orange, yellow, brown or grey. Keeping them bright through faithful home care and frequent professional cleanings is the best way to insure they stay bright without additional measures. Should you want more however, the least expensive way to lighten teeth is with over the counter “white strips”. This can work for many,  but remember, no method can whiten fillings or other dental restorations and some teeth may be resistant to these gels anyway. (Shades of brown and grey are the most difficult to lighten). Always check with us before you attempt to do any tooth whitening procedure.

Your next option, although more expensive,  is really the gold standard..professionally supervised in-office teeth whitening followed by custom fitted take-home trays. Whitening teeth is a process, not a one-time treatment. Professional supervision is really the best way to make certain that you get the results you want and deserve!

Finally, if all else fails, or there are additional issues that need to be addressed like chipped or crooked teeth, you may want to consider porcelain laminate veneers (PLVs). PLVs are custom laboratory-fabricated thin slivers of porcelain that are bonded to the outer layer of one’s teeth. They can be used not only to improve the color of your teeth but to also change the shape and make them look straighter! Next time you are in the office ask to see mine. I’ve had veneers myself for about 4 years now and they were definitely the answer for my situation.

You can see examples of all of these treatments on my website at www.DrLarryStone.com. Whatever your needs are, I’m sure we can meet them and I hope that everyone has a joyous holiday season, a happy New Year, and yes…a white Christmas!